Hi, I'm Amy Diener and I'm a lover of art, color, and travel!

Creating art is my way of expressing my life journey. Painting is a positive outlet that reflects my life and the world around me. I create detailed dot paintings of mandalas, animals, trees, flowers, portraits, and figures.

I paint dots because I find the painting practice to be extremely meditative, bringing me to a state of "liminality" - a pause or space in between. It is this space where thoughts become silenced, and I become aware of the present moment. The process requires a lot of focus and repetition, embodying a steady hand and steady mind.

Having a long history of battling OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), painting dots has served as a form of art therapy for me. It has helped me alleviate my suffering in unimaginable ways. This is why I love the work of Yayoi Kusama - she used her signature polka dot paintings as a coping mechanism for her hallucinations. 

Amy Diener

Spreading Joy One Dot at a Time

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Dive into the beautiful world of Elizabeth, a Danish/Armenian artist and turn your Bang & Olufsen speaker into a piece of art.



For Camilo, better known as Cortegraff, the street has been fundamental: not only because since he was a child he has worked on it from caring for cars to juggling - but because the street is the space that allows you to do your work outdoors, in connection and interaction with other people.



My art is inspired by street calligraphy, old damaged posters, and street art, including graffiti. I use acrylic, oil painting, and markers. I like mixing classic techniques with contemporary painting. I work with Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Glagolitic, Arabic letters, and ancient runes. I love experimenting and finding new ways of expressing myself in my art.