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Cover BeoPlay A8 - Custom Cover
FROM 96.00 €
The custom cover for BeoPlay A8 or BeoSound 8 is the best solution to adapt your cover to your interior. But also to make a personalized gift to a friend or family.
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Blomor
FROM 71.00 €
The Blomor cover highlights a work of art made in painting containing gold. But there is also a work around the light. Suddenly on this cover for your BeoPlay A8 or...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Cow
FROM 71.00 €
Printed cowhide cover brings a touch of softness and associates with all types of decorations. Integrate your cowhide into a bedroom, a dining room...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Golden Marbre
FROM 71.00 €
This cover is inspired by the Gold Emperador which is a marble stone from the region of Novelda in Spain. These veins intermingle evenly with the clear parts of...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Marbre
FROM 71.00 €
The luxurious, modern pattern of white marble is being used in homes in many unique ways today. White marble looks bright, clean and high-end. Adding a touch of white...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Stellarum
FROM 71.00 €
The constellation and galaxies have been dreaming for millennia. One thing is for sure, with this cover for your BeoPlay A8 or BeoSound 8 you will not have your feet...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Plants
FROM 71.00 €
This cover is inspired by the plant named Buxus sempervirens. We find this plant in front of the most beautiful hotels and luxury shops of Avenue Montaigne in Paris...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Margelle
FROM 71.00 €
This cover is inspired by tile with pastel colors. It's perfect for bringing a light color to your BeoPlay A6 or BeoSound 8 and a bright room.
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Granit
FROM 71.00 €
Granite is one of the most used materials in decoration. It exists in many different forms. This form of granite returns to the most beautiful luxury homes thanks to...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Spiral Decal
FROM 71.00 €
This cover is inspired by the Fraser illusion illusion illusion. It has been diverted to make it fresher and more design. It will create a real optical illusion on...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Hexa
FROM 71.00 €
Inspired by the shape of the BeoSound Shape, the work of a wood craftsman who mixes textures of wood more or less worn by nature and gold leaf. This cover will...
Cover BeoPlay A8 - Cattle
FROM 71.00 €
The Cattle cover is the result of our collaboration with the talented young artist JOHETZ. The photos of the JOHETZ collection is created from a paint job mixing and...

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